Why do I need to have my vents and system cleaned, what are the advantages?

There are various statutory requirements and stipulations that mean that your ventilation should be correctly maintained. The ventilation to your building is an essential element of ensuring that the building operates in an efficient and effective manner providing the occupants with the designed required ventilation.


How do I know when they need cleaning?

You should be employing a specialist contractor, like ourselves, who should survey the relevant areas and provide you with the appropriate guidance based upon British Standards, legislation and industry guidance.


How often do I need to have the vents and system maintained?

This depends on the system type, use and relevant statutory requirements, as a general rule at least annual inspection and maintenance is the minimum requirement.


Will the maintenance affect my operating hours as a business?

As a general rule, maintenance can be arranged to be undertake at convenient times to the building users for planned preventative maintenance.


How long will it take?

This all depends on the system type, size, condition and access. We will be able to provide a detailed plan of works at the start of the project.


Will my insurance cover me for anything that should happen during the maintenance?

Insurance stipulations often demand maintenance at set inetrvals to the ventilation, failure to comply with these intervals will often invalidate the cover. It is common for insurance to cover cleaning that is required due to disaster recovery works such as floods or fires.


Is it a messy process?

A competent contractor like ourselves, will always minimise the amount of disturbance caused by the works. However, due to the nature of the ventilation being an integral part of the building fabric, access to all areas of a premises is often required.