We are experts in cleaning and maintaining kitchen extraction systems in accordance with industry guidelines. Poorly maintained kitchen extraction systems will inevitably lead to the property being placed under an increased fire risk due to the accumulation of grease contamination within the system.


At VSS we are hugely experienced in ensuring that all of our clients conform with the Fire Regulatory Reform Order and all other relevant legislation and guidance.

Called in to remedy situations for multiple premises clients and large multiple outlet retail sites, we will provide you with a full solution to your problems. Always ensuring you’re not left exposed to the risk of fires and poor performance of systems within your sites.

All Kitchen Extract Systems present a fire risk to a building and under the RRO and with insurance company recommendations it is essential for the ‘responsible person’ to minimise the risk of fire by ensuring greasy deposits are removed and managed on a regular basis. At VSS we provide a comprehensive service to ensure you fully comply by providing regular cleaning of kitchen vent systems, supplementary access door installation.

You will receive a comprehensive report following your clean with certification, photos, recommendations and findings.