Extract System Cleaning And Maintenance Plays A Vital Role In Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens produce large amounts of heat, water vapour, smoke, and perhaps most significantly, grease.   Regular cleaning is absolutely essential, as these highly flammable greasy deposits collect in kitchen extract systems, posing a significant fire hazard.  In fact, poorly maintained kitchen extraction systems is a leading cause of fire in areas where food is routinely prepared, and can lead to the invalidation of a company’s insurance cover.  

It is the responsibility of Facilities Managers at such companies to ensure that kitchen grease extract systems (canopies, filters, ductwork, risers and fans) in all commercial kitchens are inspected as required by the building’s insurance policy, and comply at all times with Fire Safety and Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations.

Ventilation Surveys & Services Ltd (VSS) has extensive experience in ensuring that clients conform with the Fire Regulatory Reform Order and all other relevant legislation and guidance, reducing the customers’ exposure to the risk of fire, and improving the performance and lifespan of extraction systems.  As a matter of course, clients will receive a comprehensive report following a system clean with certification, photos, recommendations and findings. All of our work is undertaken in accordance with industry guidance as outlined in section 7 of TR19.