VSS Ltd Helps to Define Industry Standards

We’re proud of the work that VSS Ltd’s George Friend (Group CEO) and Nick Umfreville (Group COO) have undertaken as members of the technical committee which assisted with the re-draft of the Building & Engineering Services Association (B & ES) publication, ‘TR19: Guide To Good Practice – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems second edition 2013’.

George and Nick pushed for creation of a second edition of the existing TR19 document which included:

·         References to the new British and European Standard, BS EN 15780 Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems, introduced in 2011

·         Current ‘best practice’ to ensure that kitchen extract systems are maintained to minimise the risk of fire associated with grease accumulation

Nick Umfreville was a member of the technical committee responsible for drafting the original HVCA TR19, and has advised on the creation of several industry guidelines and standards previously, such as the European Ventilation Hygiene Association guidance. Nick and George both actively sit on panels for the B&ES and the EVHA to ensure that VSS are always at the forefront of new legislative awareness and standards. Both Nick and George have worked on the revised TR19 document since 2009.

The TR19 publication is of utmost importance, as it provides Facilities Managers with the details of the National Standard with which their premises must meet. If ventilation systems are not correctly maintained in accordance with B&ES TR19 standards, the efficiency of the system will be compromised and hygienic provision of correct air volumes to areas served will not be met. Poor ventilation hygiene will lead to a costly drop in system efficiency, human productivity levels and low company morale, as well as degrading the building’s interior.