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Dirty ductwork in multiple dwelling buildings poses serious health risk

It is essential that flats, apartment block or any other 'multiple-dwelling' building should have their ducted ventilation systems inspected regularly, as air quality plays a huge role in maintaining the good health of inhabitants. Information regarding the American experience in multiple dwelling condominiums is related here:! The same applies to social housing and luxury apartments with ducted extract or balanced ventilation throughout the UK and Ireland.

Dirt in ductwork can pose a fire risk (hidden combustion load), hygiene/odour problems and has been shown to reduce ventilation efficiency with knock-on effects for mould and contaminant control in the served area.

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VSS Launches Its All-New Case Studies Library

Here at VSS, we've decided to add a new, client-focused feature to our recently refreshed website, which will give users access to case studies relevant to the industry in which they operate.  We believe that this underlines our commitment to delivering a quality service.

We're proud to say that we have an impressive 25 years worth of industry experience, and we're keen to demonstrate to new and existing clients alike the flexibility of the service we provide.   The new case study library will be a useful reference guide for those in need of examples of best practice in a variety of industry-specific situations, from kitchen extraction fires to potential airborne threats carried through contaminated ductwork.  

Each study will help to educate those responsible for the installation or routine maintenance of a ductwork system, in the requirements and regulations specific to the industry in which they operate.  As well as showing the likely result of neglecting to adhere to these regulations, the studies are designed to explain the costs that could be incurred and how maintenance could be both a solution and preventative measure.

The first Case Study to be featured on the new and improved website is a prestigious Park Lane Hotel, which saw approximately 1,500 people, including Black Eyed Peas singer Will-I-Am, evacuated from the 28-storey hotel after reports of smoke billowing from a second floor kitchen vent and the basement.

To check out the first Case Study visit

Schools - The Challenge of Multiple Environments

Education establishments present particular challenges, and opportunities, to those working in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) field.  Many have swimming pools, canteens, gym areas, changing rooms with shower facilities, libraries, large halls with the capacity to seat hundreds, and classrooms of assorted sizes.  These each require expert understanding of ventilation hygiene legislation to match optimum solutions, from routine inspections of ductwork through to AHU remedial works, ensuring the health and well-being of the students and employees.

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